We hired a hockey nerd to help out Alexander!

Ezra Bakker is a field hockey nerd, storyteller and still studying Communications in Rotterdam. Working on his thesis at 23plusone to finally graduate in February of next year. During his time as a student he actively is coaching and training field hockey players of all ages. Even when the season is over this nerd doesn’t stop teaching youngsters how to play the game he loves. At Sportways he has led camps in Amsterdam, Dublin and Cape Town.

Another passion of Ezra is stories. He is convinced that telling stories is the most important way to communicate with people. Since he was a little kid he always is looking for the new funny, interesting and inspirational story out there.

Living of collecting or searching for stories is a little hard if you don’t share them with people who want to hear it and that is what he is going to do at 23plusone. Collecting awesome stories and bringing them out there for everyone to see, love and share so the network grows exponentially. If you want to hear my whole story or tell me yours, please feel free to call or mail!

+31 6 10 68 20 47
Vijzelstraat 68
1017 HL Amsterdam