Tesla most appealing car brand in the Netherlands


Amsterdam, 4 February 2015 - Branding diva Kim Cramer PhD presented today at MIE ( Marketing Insights Event 2015) the scientific background of 23plusone as part of Totta's Brand Scan. In total 105 brands have been profiled. Remarkably, newcomer Tesla is the winner in automotive, closely followed by BMW and Audi.

In 2009, Kim Cramer and Alexander Koene have done similar research. Back then, Audi was the most emotive brand. Newcomer Tesla kicked both Audi and BMW off the throne, not only by higher scores on the emotional domains of attraction, ambition and self-development, but Tesla scores particularly high on idealism in the basics domain.

The below infogram explains how the value repertoire of Tesla is composed. In this picture values with beveled edges score significantly above the category, light-colored values rank high but at par with the category, blank values score lowest.


The results of this study confirm once more that brands which touch feelings in the full spectrum of the value repertoire are more attractive. These results of the Brand Scan 2014 by Totta, confirmed once again the conclusions of the Cramer & Koene studies in 2009. This reinforces the scientific foundation of 23plusone .

23plusone is a method of BR-ND, a boutique consultancy in Amsterdam, specialised in emotive branding. Since 2006, Cramer & Koene have been pioneering the relationship between emotions, attractiveness and happiness. Meanwhile 23plusone had developed into an proven method, licensed to various companies and professionals in The Netherlands and abroad. For more information about BR-ND click here.

Totta is an innovative market research agency in Amsterdam. Celeste Miller, a social psychologist, heads Totta Brand Lab and develops and implements 23plusone based intuitive research methods for customers. More information about Totta Brand Lab click here .

Alexander Koene