New year, new intern.

I came across BR-ND’s internship vacancy about a month ago and immediately realized that this company was what I was looking for. Except maybe for the internship part… You see, I graduated in June 2014 and have been looking for the perfect first ‘real job’.

Instead of only responding to vacancies, I decided to call interesting people working at inspiring companies in order to meet up for a chat. Not necessarily to land a job, but more so to get some advice and insights on how-what-where to find this perfect job. I have spoken to many people, and one of the most heard advices was to ‘just start somewhere and see where it gets you’.

Despite this advice, you may understand that an internship was not considered to be a perfect first ‘real job’. But still, here I am. That’s mostly because I know BR-ND from a guest lecture from my studies, just like the previous intern, Stephanie. From that lecture on I knew what direction I wanted to pursue: branding. I spent the rest of my studies to figure out what branding is exactly, and how it works. After a few different internships in the Netherlands and abroad I figured that I wanted branding magic, but with some kind of scientific approach. And as I see it, that’s exactly what differentiates BR-ND from many other agencies.

Next to that, it’s great fun being here! I sincerely believe company and employee should have some kind of overlap in core values. Based on the few days I’ve been at the BR-ND office I can confidently say that Kim, Alexander and myself share some ideologies: ‘try before you cry’, ‘do first, apologize later’, that kind of stuff. Loving it.

I’ll be mostly working on 23plusone; improving the method and expanding the network. In between I’ll still be looking for that perfect first job, making use of BR-ND’s network and the dozens of new people I’ll hopefully meet. But until then, I will rock this internship, contributing as much as I can.

If you feel like having a good chat or a cup of coffee, feel free to drop by. Yes I’m allowed to say that ;) Hope to see you guys around!



Kim Cramer