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Since 2007, we've been pioneering emotive branding. We understand that behaviour is driven by how your brand makes people feel. Intuitively, people pursue 24 fundamental drives, including friendship, curiosity, winning, health, and sexuality. Touching people in the full spectrum of their emotive repertoire evokes happy feelings, a sense of belonging, and drives behaviour.

With the scientific method of 23plusone by Kim Cramer, PhD and Alexander Koene, appealing emotive brands are created.

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Corporate values must mirror human drives because growth is achieved by jointly identifying and pursuing positive and sustainable goals. We specialise in ‘emotive’ because we think business should be more human. Although most CEOs know that their brand is vital to success, many forget to apply an inspiring social process to bring out, define, and cultivate their identity. When this is done, brands can touch people and steer their behaviour in a positive way.  




Brands are associative networks of meanings. They add value to products, services, and organisations by touching people’s hearts and minds. What if brand owners do not have one, but several brands? One brand is complicated enough. Even so, most organisations have a portfolio of brands, sub brands, product brands, and names. Sometimes these are originated from mergers and acquisitions, sometimes from innovations. We help define a structure and strategy for deliberate management of brand portfolios that can support the performance of organisations.