Photo Credit: Janiek Dam

"I am inspired by people, companies, brands and ideas that challenge what is commonly accepted as standard. One of my personal motivations for starting BR-ND was the possibility of pioneering an agency that approaches things from a human perspective. Because I feel a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the way people deal with each other, starting with the way my own agency behaves and how we strive to make those important to us feel. I want to share my talents and knowledge to beautify the world.
Join me?"

Kim has earned a PhD in communication science (University of Amsterdam / SWOCC) and has published various scientific studies in the field of brand portfolio strategy and brand appeal. Kim is guest lecturer at various academic institutions (Industrial Design TU DelftVega School of Brand Leadership JohannesburgEURIBSRMAOG) and member of the board of advisors of SWOCC, The good family and Action for Happiness.

Photo Credit:  Janiek Dam

Photo Credit: Janiek Dam

"Marrying practical solutions with strategy, aesthetics, positive intent and creative ideas is what I love. I believe it takes guts to fight convention and I find myself looking for the types of leaders who are not afraid to take chances and who believe what I believe; when people get in motion, great things happen. I have been told I’m bright, stubborn at times and increasingly idealistic – not always in that order. I like to think that I’m doing my best to make the world a happier, healthier and inspired place. I love to investigate how things work, improve and share the knowledge." 

Alexander has a degree in marketing, is a qualified skiing instructor, sports & health trainer and reserve cavalry officer. After a 16 year international marketing career at Mars, BAT and P&G, he became branding consultant and entrepreneur in 2000. Alexander has lectured at various academic institutions such as Industrial Design TU Delft and Vega School of Brand Leadership Johannesburg.

Apart from being the founders of  BR-ND, Alexander and Kim are the initiators of 23plusone Friends, an international network of professionals in the field of emotive branding. Also they are founders and co-owners of  Emotome, a company in the happiness market.