You will only succeed if people, both inside and outside your organisation, are happily engaged and inspired.


Identification and inspirational documentation of how your organisation adds value. It's about why you exist and why that is important.

Brand Identity

About your culture, values, and behaviour. It provides strategic direction on how to create happy and inspired people both inside and outside your organisation. This is what we call your Brand Heart.

Brand Portfolio & Architecture

Strategic direction on how many brands, sub-brands, and other branded identifiers. Plus, how these are (inter)related. Kim Cramer holds a PhD in this field, so be prepared for rocket science.

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Brand Manifesto

Identification and documentation of rituals and exceptional behaviour within your company. This turbo on your culture is what we call your Heartbeats, which is generated through collective intelligence. This translates abstract, corporate, and brand values into behaviour people can be proud of and identify with. Read ours!

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Brand Expression

Creation of the aesthetic expression of your brand. Think design, style, naming, slogans, sound, smell. We collaborate with the best experts in this field and make sure it all comes together.

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