As most financials, insurance company REAAL struggled with its reputation. Although people weren't extremely negative about the brand, it was considered at least kind of 'empty' and 'cold'. Net promotor scores were negative. Time to change and adapt to new realities.

How to (re)position the brand to be loved by both employees and consumers?

Both the BR-ND Insider and Outsider were used to compare the internal and external appeal of the brand. It was striking that both the insider's and the outsider's image of the brand showed a gap with the way people internally felt about themselves and their organization. The brand positioning was redefined during the BR-ND Kitchen, largely based on the company's identity: being a caring and passionate group of people striving for the best for their clients. REAAL goes back to it's roots: helping people who need help. With a giving attitude. BR-ND visualized the new story with an internal brand movie. The advertising agency is preparing a new campaign to support REAAL's brand appeal. Expected soon.

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