Sometimes you meet an exceptional group of people who do good work with a higher purpose then making money alone. They just have to rediscover it. Phoenix founder Vera Klaus asked us to help the company become even more meaningful and happy then it already was. It turned out to be an exciting journey to Destination Happiness! We were blushing with pride when we read what Phoenix had to say about us on their freshly released - and absolutely more sexy! - website:


15 March 2013

It was about time that we went on an adventure and so we planned a company team building meeting with BR-ND. Why them?

BR-ND is a playful, fun, human, scientific brand/communication organization which helps companies to understand how they are being perceived by their clients, friends, the outside world. In addition, how are they being seen internally from top to bottom (everybody is allowed to play!) and, do the two views correspond?

BR-ND has taken it as their aim to make people and, therefore, companies happier. Obviously when companies are happier, they perform better as well. As icing on the cake BR-ND suggests: “now that you are happy and feel good about yourself, are you prepared to make other people happy as well?.” Is there a way with your organization to achieve that? What could be a greater good, a higher purpose. What could be your gift to the world.

To be able to understand this and answer these questions BR-ND asked 80 of our clients to participate in a Happiness survey re PHOENIX EXECUTIVE, 39 of you responded and we are very happy and grateful that you did.

We wish to share the results, have a look at the following link.

With your help we have a much more complete view of what to focus on, how to make you as a client happier, and where can we improve our image.
We do appreciate that so many of you think we are highly professional but we were very surprised to learn that we come across as very serious. Most of you do not know that we have fun while we work. Yes, we are passionate about research but at the same time we love sushi, walks, books, play sports, cook, travel etc. and when refreshed we return to our desks energized.

To enjoy the PE experience from close by we encourage you to visit us!