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2017 has been a successful year for BR-ND in many respects. Not only has our team and business continued to grow, more importantly, we have been able to support many new clients with meaningful brand and culture development. Our 'emotive' way of working, which combines design thinking with branding, a concept we have been pioneering during the last decade, is increasingly being recognized as the way to go. We are grateful that more and more clients have selected us for our doings.

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BR-ND goes San Francisco!

Ever been to San Francisco? BR-ND made a trip to the US last week and ended in this wonderful city. Oh how much we enjoyed the sun and the lovely sea breeze, Fishermans Wharf, Little Italy, Chinatown, Banana Republic, Niketown, the hottest sushi bar, and yes, even the hop on hop off bus taking us over the Golden Gate bridge and right back!

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Measuring butterflies

Brand Appeal is about the attraction one feels for ... a brand. Almost like the butterflies in your stomach when in love! But how best to measure such feelings? BR-ND's Lab currently explores implicit attitudinal measures. Below you find links to discover your love for various car brands.

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