New Interns with new ideas. Hello, Daniel!


Take a second to look at the world around you. Without a large investment of your time, it should become apparent that we seriously need to change the way we do things. Tons of waste being produced each year, inequalities between and within nations widening and the destruction of our natural resources to name a few reasons. This is why I am glad to have found a company like BR-ND. They (and from now on, we) understand that change is necessary, and that the actions of companies are a good place to start. 

My name is Daniel. I am a second year student ‘Global Project and Change Management’, which means that complex challenges are my everyday conversation topics and how to solve them my raison d'être. But what I often found during my studies is that we love to talk about the problems and potential ways to solve them, often missing the link to provide concrete and smart solutions. Enter BR-ND. After hearing Kim speak at the Sustainability Congress I knew this was a company I wanted to work with. Brand consultancy is nothing new, but your aim and focus in this process can be. Changing your organization shouldn’t solely revolve around the enlargement of your profit margin and market share. What about the people who make up this organization? Or the people who buy your products? Or the environment in which your organization exists? These are important questions to incorporate into an effective vision for change, and can be reasons rather than obligations for wanting to change in the first place.

I completely believe that the key to solving many of the contemporary challenges lies in transforming companies into entities which ask themselves these questions. That is why I am very excited to start working with BR-ND. They (undoubtedly) have plenty to teach me, and I hope the skills I have procured over time will allow me to give something back. And the greatest thing? The need for fun is well understood, so I am sure the coming time will be both educational and enjoyable (a golden combination, if you ask me). 

Here’s to meeting new people and helping to create something great!

Daniel Kilian Cohen Stuart