Welcome, Sam!



I’m Sam! During the elapsed part of my MSc in Economic and Consumer Psychology I’ve cherished an interest in sustainable consumerism. What companies check the entire width and depth of their company to see where they can improve, involve and inspire? What companies know their brand has a value, a weight - and as such a role to play in a community outside of their own office? How should such companies portray themselves? So I decided to look for an internship with a company that could help teach me about this subject.

When I saw Kim speak at the National Sustainability Congress, I got the feeling that BR-ND didn’t just check the companies they worked with to see if they meet BR-ND’s own standards of an interesting company with a positive impact. BR-ND helps these companies to actually live out their ambitions of having a positive impact on the world around them.

Now, I’ve learned a few things about consumers and consumer behaviour in prior education. Besides that I’ve enjoyed some education on the way people - and as such consumers - think in general. However, the proverbial business end of things is, of course, at the businesses end of things! So at BR-ND I hope to learn about challenges businesses face when trying to generate more positive output, and challenges a brand strategist faces when trying to convey this positive output to the world over time.

In doing so I hope to contribute with - and sharpen - my own toolset of a knack for language, a sense of creativity and the ambition to learn something new everyday.

If you’re reading this I look forward to meeting you as you swing by the office some day!

Kind regards,


Sam van den Brink