Piri - Our new teammate!


Hi all!

I’m Piri and I’m happy to say that I am joining the BR-ND team! Last year I finished my Bachelor of Business Administration at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and I just started my premaster program at the Vrije Universiteit in Culture, Organization and Management. This program will teach me how to analyze organizational cultures and how to develop creative solutions. I will learn about management styles, cultural diversity, organizational identity, cross-cultural co-operation and national and international organizational processes. After my premaster program I will continue and start my Master’s Degree in Culture, Organization and Management.

Besides my studies, I’m interested in architecture and art. I grew up in a family with photographers, architects and designers. My parents used to take me to a lots of museums and I always liked to draw and paint. By joining the BR-ND team I hope to add value to the team with the knowledge of my Bachelor’s and Premaster program, but also that I can use my creativity. But also I hope that BR-ND can help me develop my knowledge and creativity more!

I’m looking forward to join the BR-ND team!

Piri Bodon