Hi there, I’m Michal!

michal br-nd

As part of my Master degree at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, I was required to do an internship in one or more areas related to my studies; Emerging trends, global change in worldwide food systems and cultures. During my Master’s, I have deepened my knowledge in other cultures and discovered the beauty in the difference every culture contributes to this world. The combination of my Master’s together with my Bachelor of Business Administration, created an exciting opportunity to join the remarkable team of BR-ND for a new project that combines my passions in life: food and consulting.

Adding meaning to your company actions, making decisions that influence others and building a robust, trustful and inspiring relationship with your customers are fundamental to your company successes.

When a company makes an action, there are immediate consequences that affect various areas and a large number of people. Comparing this to the effect of throwing a stone into a lake, knowing that this stone will create an impact not only on the place it lands but also in long distance. The stone will create circles around the area it falls, and each ring will affect the next one.

I’m grateful for the opportunity of joining BR-ND team. It will allow me to develop myself as an individual, and hopefully at the same time, contribute and add extra value to BR-ND team & its customers.

All the best,


Michal Vaya