By Kim Cramer & Alexander Koene

2017 has been a successful year for BR-ND in many respects. Not only has our team and business continued to grow, more importantly, we have been able to support many new clients with meaningful brand and culture development. Our 'emotive' way of working, which combines design thinking with branding, a concept we have been pioneering during the last decade, is increasingly being recognized as the way to go. We are grateful that more and more clients have selected us for our doings.

To start with our clients, here's a big thank you to many new interesting assignments in various categories, many of them in important sectors such as healthcare, culture, and technology. We've been challenged, we made new friends, we worked really hard, and had a lot of fun along the way. So, again, thank you:

  • Leaseweb. A worldwide rebranding and creation of a new brand story as part of their 20th anniversary with a co-creative process involving business units in The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore and the USA.
  • NRG. New brand creation for the nuclear pharmaceutical initiatives of NRG in Petten, launched at the EANM ‘17 in Vienna.
  • Alliander. New brand creation commissioned by the Sustainable Urban Development business unit and involving initiatives in the field of the energy transition to clean energy  
  • Suntory. Brand positioning and communication strategy development for a new brand in the healthy drinks category in Scandinavia.
  • Haags Pop Centrum. Supporting this cultural music centre in the Hague with a brand relaunch and team building activities
  • St Antonius Ziekenhuis. Brand story creation, development of the brand strategy and design for the new maternatality center and various brand design assignments for a new website, iconography and employer branding.
  • Nextview. New brand creation for a merger of various companies in the design thinking and technology category.
  • Ministerie van VWS. The start of a brand story, identity creation and teambuilding for various clusters in the field of healthcare, wellbeing, and sports, to be completed in 2018
  • Raet. Internal branding and positive culture creation further to a new brand story and positioning.
  • Humares. New brand creation for a merger of three organizations in the technology posting market.
  • Platform C. Brand strategy, new naming and teambuilding for a merger of various cultural organisations in Amstelveen

Next to our client assignments, we expanded the 23plusone Licensed Friends network. At the end of 2017 we are now with 40 official licensees using the 23plusone method. We have welcomed Rieneke van de Laar as our new Community Chief helping us with further professionalizing the community and rolling it out in The Netherlands and abroad. We're lucky that training and certifying the Licensed Friends and attending the monthly 23plusone meetups is so rewarding, with Friends getting to know each other better and sharing experience. In November, the cherry on the cake was our yearly trip abroad. A delegation of Licensed Friends visited Rome for a long weekend of inspiration, culture, food and wine.

For our Emotome business, we have continued to run pilots at larger clients to further improve our digital tooling and off-line programs. Apart from Dutch corporates, we now also successfully run the program in the UK, with quite a different culture and attitude to hierarchy and work.

Next to some very loyal friends, who we've been working with us for many years (thank you Kiki, Ivo and Elles!), a couple of young and bright talents have joined our team. We are so happy and thankful to be surrounded by people who are not just experts in their fields, but are also eager to learn, teach, and spread the gospel of emotive branding.

All we can hope for is that 2018 will be likewise or even more successful. We know that our success depends only on the people we work with and their creative drive. We will continue to create responsible working conditions which stimulate highly motivated professionals who love working together, who empathise with clients and suppliers as equally respected and trusted partners and with nothing but good and humble intentions in our hearts. We would be happy if you would join us in our longstanding quest of creating brands as a source for good.

Kim Cramer
Alexander Koene

Co-Founders BR-ND Emotive Transformers