Leadership Resolution 2014

What if we all would lead by example in 2014, with these 24 happy resolutions in mind:

  1. Being empathic and strive for equal opportunities. Sex, race, sexual preference, age, political view, the whole bunch.
  2. Being respectful and fair to your co-workers, suppliers and customers. Be there for others, never ever let them down.
  3. Building lasting friendships at work, just as in the rest of your life. Stop with this nonsense to separate work and life. People are people.
  4. Care for beloved ones, the ones who need protection and love. Not just your own siblings and closed family, but all who touch your heart.
  5. Being in control of and safeguard your possessions, processes and information. Don't be a control freak!
  6. Protect your life and that of others from danger and threats. Be a hero and face your fears.
  7. Be relaxed about uncertainties of the future. Take time to relax and escape from daily routines. Unwind at times and let go.
  8. Make fun and don't take work to serious. Entertain and try to make  people happy. A healthy dose of humor makes such a big difference.
  9. Break free from conventions and regulations. Pursue the unknown and dare to make mistakes. Learn by doing.
  10. Let your fantasy go loose. Everything is possible when you can see a new reality. Stop with separating reality from imagination.
  11. Be true to yourself. Don't live the life of somebody else. Escape from the masses and go your own way. Conformity for cowards.
  12. Discover the unknown. Be curious as there is so much more to see. Broaden your horizon and explore new territories.
  13. Develop your talents. Be a master of your skills. It takes time and uncountable repetitions before you discover greatness.
  14. Achieve newness and count your blessings. Celebrate progress step-by-step. Never cease and be complacent.
  15. Take on challenges and celebrate your success. Be determined and ambitious to score and excel.
  16. Be proud of yourself and your values. Self assured you dare to go a step further and be someone of value to others.
  17. Enjoy acceptance and credits well deserved. Say yes to recognition and inspire others to do the same.
  18. Work yourself up the ranks of status. Your deserve the prestige after hard work and dedication.
  19. Be generous and share your material possessions.  Sharing is the key to conscious capitalism.
  20. Lead by proudly confidently and passionately proclaiming a new destination. Going beyond profit, declare your intention to do good.
  21. Move your lazy ass and run, jump or dance. Take care of your body and mind as it keeps you young an vital.
  22. Eat healthy local foods. Sustainable is the future. Eat slow and enjoy the taste of every bite.
  23. Surround yourself with beauty. Enjoy music, art, design and lush aromas. Get your daily dose of goose pimpels.
  24. Don't be shy with your sexual desires. Lust, passion and satisfaction is the strongest happiness driver. But careful, only safe sex!

We wish you a happy 2014.