Let me introduce myself

Wow, a whole section just about me. Me talking about myself isn’t easy, but here it goes! What’s up, Dear Reader. I’m Melody Malekzadeh, a Communication student from The Hague. Right now I’m graduating at the lovely emotive transformation boutique BR-ND and enjoying every minute of it. It’s great to be surrounded by kind, energetic people like Kim & Alexander with their inspiring way of thinking.

As you may know, BR-ND’s 23plusone is a tool based on a scientific study that represents the 24 fundamental human drivers. By using this tool it’s possible to gain insights into the drives that are most important to a person. So I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce myself than to share the six cards with you that represent the drives that are most important in my life. My personal drivers consist; the green card ‘Warm, Caring’ as one of the key ingredients to live a happy loving life, the blue cards ‘Health, Nutrition’ and ‘Fit, Sportive’ which describes my passion for living a healthy lifestyle through exercising and eating nutritious foodsthe yellow card ‘Creative, Fantasy’which describes my love for photography and designand also thinking creativelywhich enables me to approach tasks, problems and situations with openness to alternativesthe red card ‘Beauty, Esthetics’ which for me personally defines beauty in the broadest sense and last but not least the purple card ‘Pride, Self-assumed’ which describes my confidence as a part of my personalityCurious about your own personal drives in life? You can easily make a 23plusone profile online.

Anyways, the thesis I’m working on concerns a best practices research study based on the link between internal communication and employee engagement and the impact of these two aspects in achieving sustainability goals. This thesis aims to discover how Dutch sustainability leaders such as Triodos, Desso and Unilever fully engage all their employees when it comes to being a more corporate social responsible business.  As I truly believe in the power of happy engaged employees to achieve organizational success, I am glad that the topic of my thesis reflects that. In my opinion, engaging employees is a crucial aspect of being a responsible business, since a company’s impact in the workscape – that it is a good employer and a great place to work - is a core aspect of corporate responsibility.

Wishing you a lovely day!

- Melody -