Mark vs. Diederik? Your brain knows!

This Wednesday is election day in the Netherlands. Still in doubt? Don't read the programs, just dig into your unconscious. Australian-born Celeste Miller, social psychologist, creates implicit association tests for our brand engagement platforms. Just like our efforts in fMRI brain scanning, we love to explore tools that help us grasp implicit preferences. Why? 1. Most of mental life occurs outside of conscious awareness and control. 2. Behavior is for the most part not steered by rational thinking, but by emotional drives.

Emotive branding is about activating meaning to connect people and make a positive impact. Most of our efforts indeed influence people at a very implicit level.

Enough theory, now try yourself! With BR-ND's KiesOnbewust voting profiler (in Dutch, and not for Mac users, sorry). Forget about all the other profilers and find out what you REALLY feel: Rutte? Or Samsom?:)

Alexander Koene