23plusone World Edition out now!

In the past months, we have been busy renewing our 23plusone method and we are extremely happy to present the '23plusone World Edition'. With the insights gained over the past years - a.o. based on brain scanning research - we optimized the card deck and online experience tools. The set has a new look, high-resolution images, and comes in a premium gift box with a cute little booklet. We are proud that it travels the world in 10 languages! Since we just opened our online store (more pride!), it is also easily available to you! Have a look at the movie below to see the cards in action and scroll down to read the official press release.

Press Release 17 July 2012 Sexy/Aroused, Schonheid/Asthetik, Creativo/Estatia just to name a few. These are drives that steer people’s behavior. Since 2006, Kim Cramer en Alexander Koene, owners of BR-ND The appeal company, have been involved with scientific research on this topic. The knowledge has been used to create 23plusone, a universal method to connect people and brands. Recently, the method has been renewed and is now ready to go international. The time is right.

The beauty of people is that they are full of contradictions. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside for example. Such paradoxes make us emotionally attractive. This is also true for organizations and brands. Or better, it should be, since most brands are rationally well-built, but they usually do not touch the right emotional strings. Often, there is a disconnect between identity and image.

23plusone consists of a set of 24 cards, divided into 5 colors. On online experience platforms, people can collectively play with the cards to discover a relevant and unique mix that tells the story of their brand. By connecting the organization's identity to the mission, we build a bridge between Marketing and Human Resources. By now there is a database of 35 organizations which can be used to benchmark results.

Over the past years knowledge has been expanded by (among others) having put 32 people in a fMRI brain scanner to gather insights on how the brain reacts to all kinds of stimuli. This has led to further improvements of the cards. To meet clients’ demand, the set is now available in 10 different languages and for sale in BR-ND’s online shop (www.br-ndstore.com).

How about ‘international’? Koene: “We share 23plusone with creative professionals that use our method for their clients. We support them knowledge and tools. We just started with a group of First Wavers in Holland, Indonesia and South-Africa. See them as beta-testers. We take in their experience to help make 23plusone ready for a Second Wave”.

Why is this the right time? Cramer: “The world needs honesty, sustainability and authenticity. Many organizations are far from that, obsessed as they are by short term thinking and financial growth. And if they want to better serve society, they don't know how. 23plusone revolves around emotional human beings: individually, collective, internally, externally. How to beautify their world? And how to positively steer their behavior? 23plusone is not the holy grail, but it is a good start. And it works.”