Cooking in the Kitchen

The BR-ND Kitchen pushes strategic creation to new levels. Our BR-ND Kitchen is different from conventional strategy development as it builds on multiple sources of intelligence. We learn and co-create together, we get more inspiring results faster and have more fun on the go. In the Kitchen we blend input from our online platforms with inspiring stimuli while we follow gaming principles.

In the BR-ND Kitchen, both conscious and subconscious creative intelligence is ignited to develop appealing brand recipes. Building on 23plusone we identify the emotive core of your organization in such a way that it really touches the heart. The gaming elements in the Kitchen eliminate undesirable dynamics such as politics and rank, motivational downers and diminished engagement. Typically we facilitate groups from nine to fifteen persons during one or two day workshops. Cooking under pressure is efficient, effective and fun at the same time.

Alexander Koene