Uhum Uhum NO pitches

This note explains why BR-ND will not participate in pitches. Once in a while we are invited to join. A prospect then calls and happily informs us that we have been selected for a pitch between 3, 4 or sometimes even 5 branding consultancies. Hungry for new business we used to feel privileged and happily accepted the invite. But not any longer. Come to think of it. How such an acceptance degrades our boutique firm to a mere commodity. Even worse, in preparation of a pitch, days of work are involved. A doubtful briefing is shared internally and challenged, research is done, documents are studied, proposals are written, presentations are made, plans are budgeted for. The creative energy of our whole team flows. An intensive process of dialogue with the prospect starts, passionate as we are to explain the benefits of our approach. We already start loving the client's business and his particular branding challenge. But with a mere statistical chance of 20-33% to win the pitch. Maybe a bit higher if even more time and effort is put in the preparation. Then in a 60 minutes presentation, or even worse, during a phone conference with the pitch committee, we can present our proposal. Often days of waiting will follow. In some cases a second round is suggested when the committee has not been able to decide. And in the end it might turn into high frustration across our team with an emotional process of cognitive dissonance if the pitch is finally lost.

That is why BR-ND will not any longer participate in pitches.

We love our clients, particularly the ones with whom we can develop a personal connection. Such people appreciate our expertise in emotive branding. They understand what we offer is quite special. That we will always try to innovate the branding profession by playing with the science of brand appeal. We lead and inspire as we take organizations on a longer emotive journey to discover a meaningful purpose. Therefor we are more than willing to show who we are and explain the way we work and the benefits thereof. We will proudly showcase our 23plusone based method and online tools and our creative work. But we will not write proposals and create detailed plans, for as long as other agencies are in the race.

Once an organization has opted for the BR-ND team and our approach, we will jointly pull together a brand development plan. Which will consist of a transparant process, with selection and use of phases, tools and activities within acceptable financial and human resources.

Thank you for your understanding.