Brain likes SIME Stockholm

The opportunities in the digital arena keep developing. During two action-packed days, SIME Stockholm guided us to the newest insights, concrete business opportunities, tools and the smartest ideas. This article briefly shares with you BR-ND's main stage contribution by branding diva Kim Cramer. Further to SIME Amsterdam earlier in 2011, we were back on stage with the latest stuff on fMRI brainscanning. Commissioned by one of our beloved clients, we have been creating a fresh new identity for a mighty online media corporation. To make sure we again develop the most appealing symbolism on this one, BR-ND cooperates with professor Victor Lamme and his brainy people of the department of psychology at the University of Amsterdam. In total the grey matter of 32 respondents has been exposed to a series of new brand names and logos which has pointed us to the most emotive option. This new brand identity will see the light of the many by march 2012. At SIME Amsterdam 2012 we will shine more light on this most innovative branding case.

Now come on and watch this prezi.

Get inspiredAlexander Koene