UnConference: SupConference 3D

From 8 til 12 August BR-ND organizes the SupConference 3D about branding 3.0. Purpose of the week is to triple D (dream, dare and design) a new portfolio of services to better connect people with organizations through emotive meaning. A selective team of our own clients and internal & external creatives from various disciplines will gather at our Amsterdam office, for a trip back into the future of branding. We will seek the opportunities of new digital technologies, gamification of business processes, crowd-sourcing for inspiration and engagement and all of this combined with our ambition to beautify the world with emotionally appealing brands.

We will dream up new ideas. We will dare to borrow concepts from other industries and break our own conventions. We will design our own new future. And we will stand up paddle, struggle and get seriously wet on wednesday 10 August 12:00 at IJburg harbour together with SUP-champ Morene Dekker, owner and founder of M&M Stand Up Paddling.