Beauty can make a difference

Sometimes, you meet someone interesting. Someone with a good heart. Actually, this was not someone new, but an old school buddy who I bumped into after 20 years. Jornt Kay is the founder of The Beautiful Minds Inc., a non-profit organization representing a collective of topmodels turned humanitarians. Inspired by The Elders, a group of world leaders led by Nelson Mandela, The Beautiful Minds connects beautiful women in the world to collectively use their personality, marketing power, business networks, beauty and charm, to resolve global problems, bring mass awareness and raise funds for worthy causes. Of course, Jornt is not Nelson Mandela ;-) but he acts upon his passion to change the world into a better place and has the creative power to make it real. I admire his hard work and perseverance. Let's support this magic mix of beauty and idealism! By Kim Cramer PhD