BR-ND goes San Francisco!

Ever been to San Francisco? BR-ND made a trip to the US last week and ended in this wonderful city. Oh how much we enjoyed the sun and the lovely sea breeze, Fishermans Wharf, Little Italy, Chinatown, Banana Republic, Niketown, the hottest sushi bar, and yes, even the hop on hop off bus taking us over the Golden Gate bridge and right back!

But what we really truly absolutely loved was meeting our SF friends from Emotive Brand, a smart branding agency run by Bella Banburry and Tracy Lloyd who believe in the same stuff we do. From the moment we walked into their beautiful spacious office, there was a meaningful match. We talked about 300plusone emotions, 23plusone, why, meaning, internal engagement, clients, and people we work with and love. But then we had to break up the conversation because friends and family were coming in for summer drinks. And after drinks, we had more drinks and fine vietnamese food. We are not finished eating, drinking, talking, and creating together and will continue the conversation soon. We invited Bella and Tracy for a return visit to Amsterdam. Is there a hop on hop off bus over here as well? If yes, I'm sure they'll come!