You name it, we name it!

Naming & verbal ID

Corporate naming, brand naming, sub brand naming, proposition naming, product naming, category naming, naming structures, verbal analyses and inspiration, brand architecture, brand descriptors, brand statements and taglines, brand essence, verbalization of visions and mission, brand passports. You name it, we name it.

Descriptive, communicative, associative or abstract? A much debated question for which there is no universal answer. It all depends on the strategic or tactic goals, the position in the brand architecture, the competitive environment and numerous other factors. Creating and selecting brand names and naming structures require understanding of brand strategy and a seemless integration with visual identity.

Naming also has technical issues. Names must be linguistically suitable, meet intellectual property requirements and be ownable as internet domains. This becomes increasingly tougher, as national and international registrations already amount to tens of millions and continue to rise rapidly.

Our expert namers, aided by a network of copywriters, linguistic experts and trademark specialists, use their creativity and experience to craft appealing names. Closely intertwined with design, each name is systematically evaluated for linguistic criteria, intrinsic associations, and associative fit with the 23plusone drives as defined in the strategy.