Nextview rebranding

BR-ND was commissioned in 2017 by We Accelerate People Group, consisting of The Design Thinking Center, The Next View, and Beethree, to rebrand all companies to a new brand named Nextview.

On 12th of January 2018 the Nextview brand has been launched internally with an amazing party. All co-workers have been involved during an intensive co-creative proces which started in October 2017. The new website went life on the 14th of January.


In below clips you can see 'the making of' the Nextview brand, which covers all steps how BR-ND tackles such a rebranding process. In the Nextview brand movie we proudly explain the purpose of the new company.

Nextview and BR-ND are both certified B-Corporations and as such share the ideology that business is a force for good. 

Brand Movie...

The making of...

BR-ND Nextview