To read deeper insights in our brand development assignment at Natuurmonumenten, go here (in Dutch)

Natuurmonumenten is a leading organisation in the Netherlands for conservation and promotion of nature. Natuurmonumenten owns and exploits over 355 areas. Key strategy is to connect all people with nature.   

Jointly identity a future proof brand & portfolio strategy for the Corporate brand Natuurmonumenten, particularly in relation to the OERRR brand, aiming at young children. 

Through a collective process by means of the BR-ND Insider and Outsider, involving all employees, volunteers, members en non-members we surveyed the existing and future brand image and organisation identity. In the BR-ND Kitchen we laid the foundation for the purpose, why, strategic pillars and values of the brand. Through various interventions we have been supporting Natuurmonumenten with internalisation and activation of the new Brand Heart Beats.  

Below the Brand Story and Brand Movie (2015).