Kinnik: a new and category breaking brand within mental youth healthcare. Together with GGZ Friesland, BR-ND developed the strategy, naming and design of Kinnik.

GGZ Friesland Jeugd faced the challenge of aligning her unique offering to match her perceived image and reputation. To do so, GGZ Friesland Jeugd teamed up with BR-ND to create an appealing brand that creates preference among children, parents and healthcare professionals ánd provides a framework that steers organizational innovation.  A brand that takes the challenge of giving new energy to the youth healthcare category.

Our research into the organizational identity of GGZ Friesland and the drives of parents and healthcare professionals showed one common goal; enabling the child to develop in the most optimal and normal way. The mission of Kinnik is to unlock potential.
“Kinnik. Kunnen wat je kan”

The Kinnik brand identity unconditionally chooses the world of the child. It has a remarkable, outstanding name and logo. The tone of voice is friendly and open, but also daring and bold. Following the firm belief that in situations like these children find most comfort in having a good friend, we chose to create a character. A friend who is always there for you. A friend to whom you can tell everything, no matter how difficult or confronting. The name ‘Kinnik’ is composed of the Dutch word for child (kind), spelled in palindrome. And the name captures a promise as well: kunnen wat je kan. ‘Kin ik’ means ‘I can’ in the Frisian language (Dutch dialect of the province where GGZ Friesland is situated). This is the essence of Kinnik: unlocking potential