Having earned my stripes...

Kiki Hartmann

Design Diva

Having earned my stripes at some of the best design and brand agencies in Europe, I’m now working in a smaller setting. I have been working with Kim Cramer and Alexander Koene for about 10 years now. At BR-ND we form hand picked teams with experienced and passionate individuals and a straight line between client and creative. By blending ratio with intuition, function with form, we create engaging and enduring design solutions. 

With over twenty years experience, I am in the perfect place to manage both big, complex branding projects and smaller bespoke design challenges. I believe in co-creation and a transparent creative process. The best ideas are born out of teamwork, after all. I find my inspiration everywhere and anywhere; in nature, photography, art and film, and when not designing, I’m often found capturing the world through the lens of my camera, thinking up the next book I want to publish, or simply biking around the beautiful streets and canals of Amsterdam where I live.