We share with you the things we vigorously believe in, what drives our behavior, brand thinking and culture. We did not invent our Heartbeats overnight; they literally grew upon us over the last couple years.

  1. We always experiment with newness
  2. Action deserves to be celebrated
  3. Knowledge is for all
  4. We are free to live our own life
  5. Sports keeps up healthy, happy and inspired
  6. We love warm lunches
  7. Everybody is welcome
  8. We don’t take ourselves too serious
  9. If you look closely, beauty is everywhere
  10. Think emotive

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1. We always experiment with newness.
We love new ideas, new technologies, new thinking. We believe we can only develop ourselves if we are constantly prepared to embrace new ways. We see our company as a playground for creative thinking. Because we are curious creatures.

2. Action deserves to be celebrated. 
Everything what happens is the result of our own actions. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. Sometimes it is not clear what it might lead to. But whatever we do, it takes courage to take action. And we just love to throw a party to share what we do. Because we are party animals.

3. Knowledge is for all.
We are a small organization with a limited client base. Our science based knowledge, methods and tools can only make an impact if we share it with like-minded people around the world. Because giving is all we have.

4. We are free to live our own life.
We believe in personal responsibility. Our personal and working life is intertwined and we see our co-workers as our friends. That’s why we don’t have fixed holidays or working hours. That’s also why we are picky in the people and organisations we aspire working with and for. Because we have one life to live.

5. Sports keeps us healthy, happy and inspired.
Our co-founders are sporty people. Kim used to be a semi-professional dancing queen. Alexander is a skiing instructor and long distance runner. Without sufficient physical activity we don’t feel sharp. That’s why we encourage people to train. That’s why we organize our weekly bootcamp. And why we run for charity together. Because everybody with a body is an athlete.

6. We love warm lunches.
We believe that eating together creates social bonds. The typical Dutch sandwich with milk is not our idea of a hospitable lunch. Kim’s roots are in Indonesia, that’s why we love nasi goreng for lunch or even for breakfast. Alexander lived many years in Indonesia and Italy and simply loves warm lunches. And fortunately there are so many wonderful restaurants in Amsterdam.

7. Everybody is welcome.
We are a warm open place for people who share our interest in people, beauty and technology. Just for a coffee or sometimes for more, you are most welcome. And when we are too busy, we will let you know. Because we love hospitality.

8. We don’t take ourselves too serious.
We do not aspire expensive cars, fancy suits or exquisite watches. In the end, the only thing what really matters is a caring relationship with one’s beloved ones, friends and our community. Because we are ordinary people and we are proud of that.

9. If you look closely, beauty is everywhere.
People are capable of tremendous things if they have a purpose, if they can be part of something bigger. We beautify the world by bringing meaning to the forefront. Because meaning is where the actions starts.

10. Think emotive.
We play, game and shake people on a creative leap. We believe in a co-creative approach where we all matter and have a voice. We show we care. We surprise people with our tiny deeds of goodness. Because we are human.