Boutique Firm

We are an Amsterdam-based boutique firm specialised in emotive branding. We support teams and organisations with branding strategies in the social era. Such strategies aim at connecting people emotionally and by doing so they promote positive behaviour. We create positive relationships between our client and their stakeholders through all our services including purpose, culture, values, strategy, and brand creation. We believe that only happy and inspired people can make organisations successful. We also believe that corporate values must mirror human drives because growth results from jointly pursuing an emotive purpose.

How does your organisation feel? We specialise in 'emotive', because we think business should be human. Many businesses forget to apply a constructive process to bring out, define and cultivate their identity, so it can touch people's hearts. We use science-based methods and practical tools to align the goals and needs of your business to the emotional drives of all your stakeholders. So that your brand really matters.

Kim Cramer PhD
Alexander Koene

Co-founders & Directors
BR-ND Emotive Transformers

Are your people inspired? The best results come from a happy workforce living the brand. That's why we use internal engagement to inspire your employees to behave according to your brand's promise. The use of social intranet provides the basis for Internal Branding 3.0. By starting with discovering what makes your employees tick, and involving them in your strategy, we promote a happy, meaningful culture that benefits both employees and external stakeholders.

How successful is your organisation? We are willing and able to implement a winning strategy to support your business. Our clients benefit from pursuing a meaningful goal and improved results together. Happy people create successful organisations.

Team up to transform. We believe in open, durable relationships in which all parties team up for the best results. We offer our talent, expertise, and inspirational programs to support your transformation process and branding strategy. In turn, you can create your new and improved brand together with your stakeholders to inspire them.

Want to know more?

Then contact Kim Cramer or Alexander Koene. We would love to either host you for a cup of coffee or stop by your office.