For the creation of Allchiefs we took an integrated approach to developing the brand. In paralel we aligned the business and positioning strategy, and created the brand name and visual identity on the go.

Consultancy Redefined

With the 4 founders of this startup, we co-created their new brand. During the process we got to know them, and they got to know each other better. And while discovering each others dreams and ideas, it all came together. From idea into reality; the business, the people and the branding.

The talents of Allchiefs will all be co-owners and Chiefs within their profession and the identity is based on the notion of a place without hierarchy or bosses and a ‘playground for people’s talent to grow’.  

Allchiefs are birds of a feather: seasoned and experienced yet still curious and eager. Never taking anything for granted, with clear roadmaps to get things done in the best way possible under given circumstances. Allchiefs listen and then they challenge: theirselves, each other, their Clients and their Chiefs.

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