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BR-ND was founded by Kim Cramer PhD and Alexander Koene. Since 2007, they have been specialising in emotive branding. We believe that branding is about people. Happy people perform better, not only in financial terms, but in their overall well-being. We aim for happy relationships between our clients and all their stakeholders.  

Boutique Firm 

Brand Strategy

Brands that establish a deeper, more meaningful connection that is based on purpose and emotions will thrive. These brands don't just feel better, they perform better. BR-ND is an Amsterdam-based brand strategy firm that will help transform your business by making your brand matter to more people.

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Emotive Branding

Since 2007, we've been pioneering emotive branding. We understand that behaviour is driven by how your brand makes people feel. Intuitively, people pursue 24 fundamental drives, including friendship, curiosity, winning, health, and sexuality. Touching people in the full spectrum of their emotive repertoire evokes happy feelings, a sense of belonging, and drives behaviour.

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Brand Portfolio

But what if you do not have one, but several, brands? One brand is complicated enough. Even so, most organisations have a portfolio of brands, sub brands, product brands, and names. Sometimes these are originated from mergers and acquisitions, sometimes from innovations, and sometimes from… well, from what actually?  

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Internal Branding 3.0

Organisations become successful if they have a positive working-culture.  Culture has a lot to do with behaviour and developing positive behaviour is one of the most difficult challenges for a leadership team. We use programs and innovative tools of Emotome (sister company) to stimulate brand driven behaviour.

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  • Rebranding 
  • Mergers & Transformation
  • Startup Branding
  • Organisation & Culture Development 
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BR-ND is a contribuant of SWOCC

BR-ND is a contribuant of SWOCC

You will only succeed if people, both inside and outside your organisation, are happily engaged and inspired.


Identification and inspirational documentation of how your organisation adds value. It's about why you exist and why that is important.

Brand Identity

About your culture, values, and behaviour. It provides strategic direction on how to create happy and inspired people both inside and outside your organisation. This is what we call your Brand Heart.

Brand Portfolio & Architecture

Strategic direction on how many brands, sub-brands, and other branded identifiers. Plus, how these are (inter)related. Kim Cramer holds a PhD in this field, so be prepared for rocket science.

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Brand Manifesto

Identification and documentation of rituals and exceptional behaviour within your company. This turbo on your culture is what we call your Heartbeats, which is generated through collective intelligence. This translates abstract, corporate, and brand values into behaviour people can be proud of and identify with. Read ours!

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Brand Expression

Creation of the aesthetic expression of your brand. Think design, style, naming, slogans, sound, smell. We collaborate with the best experts in this field and make sure it all comes together.

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Branding is mainly about feelings.


Our methods, tools, and interventions are designed to provide insight, inspiration, and social engagement. 

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Although we think that decision-making about brands depends strongly on functional benefits, it all comes down to one question: how will this make me feel?
— Kim Cramer PhD and Alexander Koene, Proud Founders BR-ND

Emotive Branding


23plusone is a science-based method that facilitates awareness and dialogue on meaningful connection. It brings people together - both in business and private life - based on positive feelings and beliefs.

It bridges the individual and collective drives and behaviours. And helps organisations to unleash their emotive core. Not just the C-suite, but all people inside (and outside) your organisation. Everyone can be involved in a positive transformation. We believe everyone should be if you want to succeed in whatever motivates you.

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23plusone stems from scientific research by Kim Cramer, PhD and Alexander Koene. Their starting point was that positive behaviour is driven by how happy people feel. 

People pursue happiness, both intuitively and subconsciously, through 24 fundamental drives, including friendship, curiosity, winning, health, and sexuality.

Touching people in the full spectrum of these drives evokes happy feelings, a sense of belonging, and drives behaviour.

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Brand Heart

In a Brand Heart, we visualise the emotive dynamics, the trinity, as well as the Purpose, Relations, and Expressions of your brand. It provides strategic direction on how to create happy and inspired people both inside and outside your organisation. 

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 Co-creation with stakeholders

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An online brand experience that reveals the current identity and future ambitions of your organisation as perceived by your employees.

This grasps the cognitive and emotional dynamics at the individual, work, organisational, and brand level. Through active engagement of all people involved, active participation in the branding process is achieved.

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Your stakeholders are part of your brand. To understand the image of your organisation, ask them. To shape the future of your organisation, engage them. To be successful, inspire them. Make them your true ambassadors. 

The Outsider is a unique research and engagement tool that reveals how your brand makes people feel. Their needs. Your relationship. What they experience now and what they wish for.

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Brand Kitchen

The Kitchen pushes creative co-creation of strategic direction to new levels, where we learn and create together, get more inspiring results faster, and have more fun on the go. In this session we blend input from the Insider and Outsider with inspiring stimuli and follow gaming principles.

Both conscious and subconscious intelligence is ignited to develop appealing brand recipes. It identifies the emotive dynamics of your organisation in a way that it touches the heart. 

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Invite your employees and stakeholders on an online platform to engage in dialogue about your brand. A closed, accessible, and safe place where everybody can engage in the discussion on purpose, values, and behaviour. Various surveys, games, and posts, based on the results acquired in the Insider and Outsider, will stir up the discussion.  



Brand Portfolio Architecture 

Brand Fan

With the Brand Fan we are able to visualise current and future brand portfolios and brand architecture. Complexity made simple in order to easily make portfolio strategy decisions and monitor progress. The model is based on the dynamic relationship between the degree of dominance of other (sub) brands, category names, and propositions.


The dynamic relationship is important because, in practice, brand portfolios are never static. It translates complicated portfolio management into a comprehensible and practical instrument for branding and non-branding professionals throughout the organisation. 

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Our clients.

Grateful and proudly playing a role in the development of these organisations.  

Our team.

Our people are trained and experienced in the premier league of brand and organisation development. But above all we are what we strive to be; positive people.

Depending of the assignment we extend our team with specialist from the network 23plusone Friends.   

BR-ND is initiator of 23plusone Friends.